2020 is done, right?

Hello there, I know it’s been a while since I posted on here. Well about 8 months really and blimey hasn’t that gone quickly.

My first question is how are you all doing? These lockdowns have been really hard on everyone so take time, do what you need to and remember there is always someone to talk me (my inbox is always open)

Shall we have a little catch up. Major news it is less than a year till I get married, Ekkkk! Things are happening, planning is taking place and I am just really looking forward to it. In other news I started a new job but I also started a little business call Candid Time Boutique and we will be selling things from Wax Melts to Bath Bombs over time. A little store that I hope will grow and grow with your support so do go check out the Instagram and Facebook for that!

Me and Joe started a gaming channel on YouTube called That Gaming Couple (I play sims a lot so go check that out) and we are loving it, it’s such a creative space. We don’t upload to want to be rich and famous we do it for fun and I hope that comes across in our videos!

What else, oh we moved into our first proper place in the new year and 3 months later, I am still loving living here by the seaside. I have my own office now, officially feeling like an adult! Although also turning 26 will do that to you, yes this year I turn 26 and in a way I am excited for it but also noooo, I don’t want to get old just yet but I honestly know that there is nothing I can do but just embrace what life throws at me and make it great. Strive for greatness as they say.

well I will leave this for minute and you never know, I might actually start writing again. Shocker I know.




change of Pace

Morning Lovelies!

I am sorry that i have literally not wrote a post in about 2 months but things have been a bit all over the place with lock down and my work but things are starting to be right again.

Currently I am working from home for my 9-5 job, which I have to say I enjoy most of the time. The commute is great but with my office being right beside my bed is it temping to get into bed and watch desperate housewives! Opps! In other good news I started a business, Me and Joe created Vixen Melts. We make and sell 100% Soya wax melts which have amazing smells to them. I have spent a lot of time creating this brand and setting up numerous soical media account for it. I love the hard work and it’s even starting to pay off, we have had a few orders and now we have even more fragrances coming in I am expecting the orders to keep coming in! If you want to know anything or even order then you can head to Vixen Melt’s Facebook page

I will leave this here for the minute and hopefully normal posting will resume very soon!

Mwah xo

Writers block

We have all been there. Sat in front of the screen starring blankly just hoping some words start coming to form a sentence to then be written by your hands but nothing comes. We lock the screen and think ‘Oh I will come back to that’ but we never do.

Writer’s block is honestly the worst, as a blogger and aspiring author I hate when it hits. It’s like you have completely lost your mojo which in turn makes you start to think- should I even bother- along with other negative thoughts but don’t you worry lovelies…

Today I am bringing you 44 post ideas that might just jumpstart your brain into giving you those magical words to make an amazing post for us to read.

  1. Travel bucket list
  2. Favourite books
  3. Top blogging tips
  4. Be a tourist in your own city
  5. Talk about your pets (if you have one talk about a pet you would love to own)
  6. Write about your “First”… Kiss, child ect
  7. Morning routine
  8. Evening routine
  9. An embarrassing story
  10. Ways to feel motivated
  11. Monthly goals
  12. Interview someone / another blogger
  13. Talk about your favourite bloggers
  14. 5-year plan
  15. Tell a personal story
  16. 5 things to do before you turn 30
  17. Top 10 movies
  18. Music-related post
  19. Date ideas
  20. Different ways to relax
  21. Host a giveaway
  22. About me
  23. Best restaurant in town
  24. Mental health
  25. Skincare routine
  26. Get ready with me
  27. Places you have visited
  28. Dos and Don’ts of _
  29. Create a vision board
  30. Letter to your younger/older self
  31. Office/desk tour
  32. Home cleaning routine
  33. Gym clothes wardrobe
  34. Currently using _
  35. Share your weekend in photos
  36. Worst trip ever
  37. Meal prep
  38. Blog post ideas
  39. Fears you have conquered
  40. Thoughts on social media
  41. Phone or camera
  42. Tag post
  43. Life chat
  44. Season based post – valentine’s day., Mothers Day ect

Well, I hope this helped you in some way and you never know, you might see some of these on my blog throughout the year. Hehe.

Mwah xo

Turning 30?

Have you ever thought about getting old? I think about it all the time a lot more now than when I was younger. This year I turn 25 and I thought about what I had done in those 25 years but also what I have not done and came up with an idea of 5 things I want to do by the time I turn 30, that is 5 years away.StockSnap_QQ2WDV12LM

Narrowing it down to just 5 is actually quite hard when there is so much you want to do, now don’t get me wrong, holidays is not one of them as I was very lucky growing up and had 2-3 holidays aboard each year for around 10 years but there are places I want to visit and things I want to see.

First on my list is most definitely the Vatican City, it’s somewhere I have wanted to go for a while but as of yet have not got around to going. The statues and sculpts look amazing and this history behind the place intrigues me.

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Changed was needed

Change, it something we all dread but not all change is bad!

I had been thinking about changing up my hair for a while now and kept putting it off and off but now that I am in quarantine for at least the next 10 weeks i thought well why not, if it goes wrong i wont be seeing anyone any time soon anyways so what is the difference. I had been struggling to pick a colour, I wanted something lighter than the brunette shade i currently am and I have been red, purple, midnight blue and honey copper (which i still had parts of in my hair from July last year). Continue reading “Changed was needed”