Changed was needed

Change, it something we all dread but not all change is bad!

I had been thinking about changing up my hair for a while now and kept putting it off and off but now that I am in quarantine for at least the next 10 weeks i thought well why not, if it goes wrong i wont be seeing anyone any time soon anyways so what is the difference. I had been struggling to pick a colour, I wanted something lighter than the brunette shade i currently am and I have been red, purple, midnight blue and honey copper (which i still had parts of in my hair from July last year). Continue reading “Changed was needed”

Can we be Bff’s??

Friendships are such a strange thing. We just decide one day that this human will be our friend. Imagine what we were like at school, probably trying to be friends with everyone but on a serious note, friendships are such an important part of life.

Having a social system keeps your life a bit more in check. Being able to turn to someone and speak about anything but being able to have a laugh is what friendships are about.

Some friends come and go but others stay no matter what. StockSnap_GVYPBJUC42

Let me explain…

Depression is a dark thing

Most people within the UK suffer with depression. Mind release a survey every 7 years stating the statics for mental health and would you be shocked if I said that in 2016 3.3 in 100 people are diagnosed with depression. Now think how many people live on your street, how many haven’t told any one and living in silence about it.

I have suffered from depression since I was about 15. It never gets any easier per-say you just become better at understanding it. When I first got diagnosed they offer me antidepressants but they turned me in to a zombie, I didn’t want to get out of bed or do anything. Eating was a chore and something I didn’t do. I came off them after about 4 months later.

Since than I have just found other ways to cope and deal, I have struggled at times and it occasionally lead to me doing silly things but I always brought myself back to reality.StockSnap_H6UXS40LRU Continue reading “Depression is a dark thing”

One more word later…

It’s moving day and hopefully the start of a new adventure in life. I was going back home to where my heart belongs. I had a job lined up and I couldn’t wait to begin my new life. He wouldn’t follow me all the way down here would he? It’s miles from him and as long as I don’t do anything that will lead me to him I should be fine. First off I deleted him off social media but also to be extra sure I made new accounts but never put where I was living there. Secondly, I need to get my life back on track. 

Running these boxes up and downstairs over and over has to be the worst part of moving, why we didn’t hire removal men I will never know; well actually I do, it’s because we are too skint to hire anyone to do it. I felt like at any minute I must just pass out from exhaustion but the thought of being there keeps me going, on and on until I literally can not do anymore but as I climb the last set of stairs again, I can see that only one box is left to be taken down to the van. I do a walk around the property saying goodbye to all the memories I had. My face suddenly felt wet and that is when I realised that I was crying and all I can remember thinking is this is goodbye to that part of my life.

Hearing the latch on the door shut and walking off gave me a weird feeling like somehow I was doing something wrong but also like I was being watched. Taking those three steps to the van I looked around taking in the last view of the street I had come to call home but I still felt like I was being watched, hopping in the van I take one more look around and I couldn’t see anyone.

I was so nervous, the feeling of my stomach turning and butterflies inside. I always hated starting a new job. My mind tricks me into thinking things that normally wouldn’t even cross my mind like:


Will they like me?

Are they nice?

Is this going to be worth it?

PCOS, Do you understand?

I want to talk to you guys about something that completely effects my life in every manner and you wouldn’t know to look at me.

I have PCOS which is short for Polycystic ovary syndrome and this mean that I have cysts growing on my ovaries and it can be troublesome in many ways:

• Fertility

• Unwanted hair growth

• Weight gain / Hard to lose weight

• Low energy levels

• Depression

• Sleeping issues

• Mood swings

These are just some of the ones I have to deal with daily, yes daily.

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Life update???

Something I want to do over this coming year is a little series where I keep you up to date with a couple of things going on…

Honestly not sure what to call this series so if you come up with a name please let know *insert monkey covering eyes emoji*

As I said in my New Years Resolution post me and Joe are starting to save for a deposit on a property so I am going to put so much away each time I get paid but I want to come up with a fun way of making this saving fun so I am going to create a tracker. I am starting out small and doing it little by little.

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